Exactly, I can take one train all the way to Paris so I might come over soon. Aw, I need to meet her, I bet she’s a cutie. Oh I forgot to tell you, I’m engaged.image

Good, this is very good. We can visit London,  like the time we went to see your parents! Yeah she has Tom’s eyes so you know how that’s going. WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTWHAAAAAATWHAAHTWHATT?!!!

Birthday - Selena Gomez


How is the little one? Yeah man, I miss it, we should all go back and have a reunion. I live in London now, it’s a lot closer than Dubai.image

The little one is great, she’s at kindergarten now. Yes oh my god, a reunion would be great. That’s much more closer to Paris! 




Yeah, now we’re all older and dare I say it, mature.image

And have children, at least I have one. Sigh I can’t believe it though, I mean it felt like yesterday I was still doing something crazy in Everwood.

Fabolous - Ready Ft Chris Brown


I know right? I missed you.image

I missed you a lot too, I really miss the apartment days.

Wave Ya Hand



Look who it is! Long time no speak, gurl.